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EMR Engineering Management Resources B.V.

EMR is founded in 1995. As a multidisciplinary engineering office, EMR links ambitious technical specialists to leading companies within and outside The Netherlands. EMR offers solutions that go beyond the standard.

EMR fulfills projects in all phases; From design to realization. Every day EMR professionals are working on the success of the most diverse projects. Organizations with challenging projects select EMR for quality, market knowledge, personal approach, transparency, diversity and great quality / price ratio.

Our extensive network of technical specialists consists of both professionals we concur with for many years, as well as from young ambitious talent. Our people have a passion for technology and have heart for the matter.

EMR is a young and dynamic company focusing on the basic key principles:

            -  Short and efficient Communication-lines
            -  Flexible Organisation Structure
            -  Optimal Accessibility
            -  Customized Quality & Services
            -  Measurable Results
            -  Professional Integrity

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